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Nilau Project is located in Jambi Province, South Sumatra. Three hours drive from Jambi to project location. The scope of works include preparation stage which consist of land clearing, sondir test, constructing a new road, upgrading road and road maintanance up to 300 km ( from Muara Bungo ... [Read More]


PT OMG is a private company with solid experts team covering all aspects of the mining and earth moving business in Indonesia. We collaborate closely with our clients to produce the best quality standard of work. We are involved in virtually every aspect of the mining industry. We explore for mining infrastructure and facilities & mining development of coal and mineral industry in Indonesia.
Our success is driven by our people and their persitent focus on strengthening company’s capability and delivering exceptional results the right way, by operating responsibly as a partner of choice, executing with excellence performance and capturing new opportunities for sustainable growth.
Do not hesitate to drop us a message if you would like to talk to us about how we can help you, collaborate or request further information. Thank you!
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